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Hoa insists on that we need to understand problems before to understand solutions. In fact, one of the goals of Hoa is to teach their users, because learning without understanding has no meaning and the experience shows that a comprehension of a problem paired with generic solutions provides better results.

Hack book

The hack book contains (very) detailed explanations about all the libraries of Hoa. Chapters are unordered. No library will have a secret for you and you will be able to hack them!

API documentation

This documentation is low-level, i.e. at the code level. It allows to explore the code, to follow methods or classes traces, etc. Explore the API!


Published articles and presentations:


Industrial presentations:

Hoa Apex, the community event:

Contributor guide

If you would like to contribute to Hoa, this guide is for you. The contributor guide will teach you how to set up a confortable development environment to ameliorate Hoa.